Instructional Hockey

When a player starts his/her “hockey career” after learning how to skate, the first step is Mini Mites and Mites.

  • Mini Mites: 4 to 6 years of age.
  • Mites: 6 to 8 years of age.

Better players at 6 will be pushed up from Mini Mites to be competitive and continue to grow. We will always have your child’s development in mind when we move them up or keep them down. Trust the coaches decision that he/she is making the right decision based on your child’s skill, as well as the ability to pay attention and interact with the other players at that level.

Players will focus on small area games and skills/drills which typically takes place on a 1/3 sheet of ice for U6 (Mini Mites) and 1/2 sheet of ice for U8 (Mites). This will increase puck touches! Skating skills are worked on as well at every practice.

Goalies are typically introduced at the Mite level, and we have the equipment for them to use! Everyone who wants a turn will get one, sooner or later.

Does your child need to learn to skate still? Lakeshore Skating Academy offers basic skills lessons. Your child does not have to be great, he/she just needs to be able to skate on their own without assistance and get up by themselves when they fall for Mini Mites. There are higher expectations at the Mite level for skating skill requirements.

Equipment: What will we need? EVERYTHING. Helmet, pants, elbow pads, shin guards, gloves, neck guard, stick, hockey skates and shoulder pads. Please ask about our equipment closet before purchasing items!

The Spring session is a great time to introduce your player to hockey. The 2021 spring session runs for 7 weeks beginning April 11th, and is on Sundays only from 4 to 5:20. Cost is $108. If you do not have a jersey, we will loan you one for the session.


  • Players need to register with USA Hockey to obtain their USA HOCKEY number before registering with the Chiefs.
  • NOTE that players 6 and under will receive free USA Hockey registration.
  • If you are ready to register, please go to the registration page.

Still have questions? Send us an email!